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Sweetgreen Georgetown Campus Ambassador

Sweetgreen Georgetown Campus Ambassador

A sweetgreen campus ambassador will be generally responsible for finding ways to get the student body excited about sweetgreen, including:

  • Producing sweetgreen events on campus or in-store
  • Representing sweetgreen at sponsored campus events
  • Implementing ways for sweetgreen to be involved with a variety of
  • Groups and events
  • Executing seasonal sampling strategies and promoting initiatives in-
  • Store once a week (i.e. sweetgreen passport, sweetgreen rewards app)

Candidates should be motivated self-starters who have proven themselves as leaders on campus, have superior people skills and are excited about a job that presents an opportunity to create. Hours are flexible, but you must be able to commit 5-15 hours per week. You will receive an hourly wage, sweetgreen credit and invaluable marketing experience.

If you are interested, please email a resume to [email protected], as well as a letter detailing why you are a perfect fit and how you would involve sweetgreen on the Georgetown University campus.

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Watch the video: Nathaniel Ru, Co-founder u0026 Co-CEO, sweetgreen. Dynamic Dialogues (January 2022).