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Italian chocolate and almond cake

Italian chocolate and almond cake


In a blender, turn the almonds into powder. Set it aside. Crush the hazelnuts and mix them with the almonds. Mix the figs with the orange peel, then add the almonds and hazelnuts and make a dough. Put the freshness foil in a plastic bowl and place the top, pressing it firmly inside. Set it aside.

Almond cream:

Mix everything except the chopped almonds until it becomes a soft cream, then add the almonds. Place over the counter in the plastic bowl and let cool until it hardens and the next layer can be placed

Chocolate cream:

Combine in a blender bowl all the ingredients except the butter and oil, until it becomes a frothy cream ... at the end add them as well. Put the next layer as a cake in the plastic bowl. Keep the cake in the fridge overnight or in the freezer for a few hours, then take it out and put a plate of cake on top and turn it over, removing the foil at the end. Sprinkle with cocoa powder and decorate as desired!